types of cardboard


The kraft corrugated kraftboard, resistant to humidity, preserves all frozen products due to the air chamber, formed amoung it waves.
It can be laminated with polyethylene, and printing from 1 to 4 colours. It is the ideal packaging to transport boxes from 1 to 20kgs. It’s a MASTER CARTON box.


Kraft folding cardboard, is optimum for 300grs to 3kgs packaging, owing to its printing quality and its resistance to humidity and freezing. It can be treated both with plastics layers or varnish in both.It is perfect for displays, big and smaller shopping areas, on account the possibility of offset printing from 1 to 6 ink colours.


Solid board with different layers, high compressive strength, and extended humidity which gives a high protection to the product, during transport and the freezing process, what makes the product achieve a “quick freeze”. It as an attractive appearance,offset printing and external laminated paper.It is also made of a 93% of recycled materials and a 97% of it can be recycled. Its thickness (0.5 to 1.5 cm) makes it very interesting, because saves room in ships and warehouses.


This is the perfect cardboard, this type of packaging is very useful in order to transport fish or frozen seafood. It has an air chamber, and can have offset printing as the folding cardboard, saves a lot of room as the solid cardboard. Its presentation and stiffness makes it the best product for all those value-added goods.